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Barbapappa is a digital bar management application to facilitate a user-controlled platform for purchase processing, payment handling and inventory management.

Barbapappa is a fully automated solution for small self-managed bars and communities, to take away the hassle of manually registering purcahses using tally marks on paper.

For any interest in using this platform for your own community, be sure to send us a message!

The project is developed & maintained by:

I make the software that I develop open-source. The complete project with its source code is available free of charge, for everyone. I believe it is important to allow anybody to inspect, modify, improve, contribute, and verify without restrictions.

The latest source code can be found on GitLab:

GitHub (mirror)

It is released with the following license:

Some awesome technologies that are used include:

Laravelbackend framework
Semantic UIfrontend theming framework
Glyphiconsicons & symbols 

Other awesome resources include:

GetTerms.ioterms & privacy policy template
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